About Me

My name is Jack Wyatt. I grew up in the southeast USA, specifically Georgia, during some very interesting times. My higher education is an A.B. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, awarded in 1971, and two M.S. degrees from Northwestern, one in Transportation and the other in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, both awarded in 1974. My main professional experience was about two decades in railroad management. My passions are history, geography,  transportation, and since 2012, genealogy. I also am fascinated by machining, casting, and other manufacturing technologies.  Overall, I just like seeing how systems work. That was probably fostered by my time at Northwestern.

While I have not had formal training in biology and genetics, my background allows me a little different viewpoint into genetic genealogy where I think that I have found some things that professional and experts in the field have missed. I hope using this blog I will be able to lay out these perceived inconsistencies and see what the truth really is. I welcome all interested to join in.